Posted by: Cross Country Couple | February 18, 2011

Day 136 … Last minute errands

This morning, we requested a late check-out (as usual) and snacked on some muffins and coffee provided in the lobby. As I researched housing options for when we arrived in Hawaii, Matt gave himself a hair cut and cleaned out the camp stove. We packed, weighed, and repack the checked bags to find the right combination. The airline will allow us up to three checked bags each provided they weigh no more than 50 lbs. At $20 a piece, we wanted to make sure we got as close to the 50 lb weight limit. Our first stop of the day was at a goodwill store to pick up some last minute clothes. We hear everything is more expensive in Hawaii and figured it wouldn’t hurt to pick up a few things before leaving. Next, we dropped off the camping stove at the UPS store to be shipped home to Matt’s parents. Seeing as the stove uses fuel, its not permitted on the airplane, no matter how essential it could be once we are on the island.

At a nearby shopping area, we killed some time walking around Trader Joes, Radio shack, and Payless. In the same plaza, we saw what appeared to be a car that had recently crashed into the side of the local Wal-Mart.. We theorized that someone must have hit the gas instead of the brakes, driving right into the wall. By the time we saw it, the driver had already been carted off and the store manager and security guards were outside waiting for the tow truck. At Radio Shack, we picked up a splitter so we could both plug in headphones into one laptop for the plane ride. That evening, we made our own luggage tags while sitting in the car at a park. Last minute errands included stopping at CVS, returning the scale to Wal-Mart, and driving back to the 24 hour gym in Fremont. We thought we would go in for a final shower before our flight, but both ended up falling asleep in the parking lot.


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