Posted by: Cross Country Couple | February 18, 2011

Day 132 … Getting Ready

As the days tick down to our departure, we are steadily checking things off our list to get ready for the move. Today, we are hoping to get the car checked out. What first appeared to be an easy task, soon turned into a wild goose chase. We finally ended up at a Midas where the considerate staff checked out the car free of charge. There recommendations included new tires, new struts, and a new cooling fan switch. We kindly thanks the staff and headed off to Autozone where we picked up the cooling fan switch. Before finding a parking lot where Matt could take a look at replacing the switch, we stopped in at Verizon and Scottrade. In the nearby Quiznos parking lot, Matt worked on replacing the cooling fan switch. Since the switch has not been touch in over 16 years, we would need some WD 40 to finish the job.

TO rest for the night, we found a quiet street in a nice neighbor just around the corner from a park. We took a stroll through the park, watch a movie, and settled in.


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