Posted by: Cross Country Couple | February 18, 2011

Day 128 … Presidio Park, San Francisco

We woke up just outside of town this morning. The plan is to head into the heart of San Francisco and explore Presidio Park. Our drive into the park took us past a playground, a golf course, and eventually to a small parking area overlooking the water. Just down the road, we followed a trail that lead down to the water. Just as we were approaching the coast, we happened on someone sun bathing ‘au natural’. Woops! We casually walked past and found a place to sit near the beach. We watched the waves crash against the rocks and admired to Golden Gate bridge in the distance. It wasn’t long before we noticed another beach goer wandering around in his birthday suit. Time to move on. We continued along the trail which brought us past a viewpoint and back up the cliff. All the hiking and sunshine was leaving us feeling pretty warm. At the top of the trail, we stopped back at the car to drop off our sweatshirts before heading towards the bridge. The park was lively with bikers, joggers, and other hikers. At the foot of the bridge, tourist were gathered taking photos and buying souvenirs.

To continue our walking tour through the park, we made our way back down to the water on the opposite side of the bridge. Here, we stopped at the visitors center and picked up a park map. After looking things over, we found a round-a-bout route that would take us deeper into the park, and eventually, back to the car. There was some construction that caused us to get a bit turned around, but it was a great day for a walk and we didn’t mind seeing a bit more of the park than we originally expected.

Back in the car, we made our way across the Golden Gate Bridge. Just across the bridge, we stopped at the park for a great view of the bay area as the sun was setting. Tonight we would drive as far north as we could get. Tomorrow, its off to see the Redwoods.


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