Posted by: Cross Country Couple | January 15, 2011

Day 119 … Tonight Show part 2

We slept pretty well last night. The street was relatively quiet, and the cool weather offered a nice breeze through the cracked windows. We woke up to the sounds of lawns being mowed and leaf blowers going a few houses away. We hadn’t heard anything about tickets yet, so we decided to find some breakfast. We went to the grocery store and picked up some yogurts. Soon enough, Matt got the email from NBC offering us tickets to today’s taping.

After the show, we drove to base of Hollywood sign where we hiked along the Hollyridge trail for a bit. During our hike, we talked about getting ready to make the move to Hawaii. Next, we decided to go see a movie in North Hollywood. The local Regency theaters offer $3 movie tickets to see films that have been out for a bit. We caught the 10:00 PM showing of Due Date.


After learning from yesterday’s experience, we decided to pick up sandwiches from the grocery store and eat them in line to save time. We found another Office Depot to print the tickets, and we were at the studio by 12:15 PM. There were only a few other groups ahead of us today. For the most part everything went the same as yesterday. Wait in line, security check, and wait some more. Today, we had numbers 10 and 11. We were pretty excited overall. The sun was out and the temperature was warm (almost too hot at points). We could tell today’s show was going to be better right from the start. This time, we were sat on the studio floor three rows from the front. When Jay came out to talk to the audience, we asked if we could get a picture with him and he said yes! One of their staff took our snap shot with Jay Leno on stage. Since no cameras are allowed in the building, the studio had a Polaroid camera to use for the picture. As an extra bonus, all the guests seated on the studio floor got to go up to the stage at the beginning of the taping and give Jay a high-five.

A photo of our photo with Jay Leno! The polaroid quality isn't much better, but we're glad to have it!

The show was great! Seth Roger was funny and lighthearted. Brady Barr, an animal expert, came out after Seth to talk about his recent experience with dangerous and exotic animals. And finally, the musical performer was Bettye Lavette. The audience was excited, laughing and cheering the whole was through. A much more fun experience overall than yesterday.


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