Posted by: Cross Country Couple | January 15, 2011

Day 118 … Tonight Show part 1

My alarm went off at 8:00 AM on the dot, but after a few snooze sessions, it was 9:00 AM before we got moving. We packed up the bed, put the pod in the car, and hit the road. Before leaving town, we needed to stop and print the tickets. We tried the local library first. After waiting in line for 15 minutes and realizing that it would be another 20 before we could even get on a computer, we moved on. We stopped at the grocery store to return a Redbox and pick up some yogurts before making it to Office Depot. With tickets in hand, we hit to road for LA.

It was just about noon when we reached the city limits. We decided to pick up some In-n-Out for lunch and made our way to NBC studios. Luckily, we found parking along Bob Hope Way, right next to the audience holding area. By 12:45 PM, we were standing in line with forty other people. Around 2:00 PM a women who works for the studio came out and made a few announcements. Next, we were ushered in groups of 60 into the parking are and on to security. Once we were through the metal detectors, we traded our tickets for numbered passes. We were numbers 38 and 39. We waited patiently on a bench under an awning next to the building. The studio holds nearly 400 guests. I only noticed numbers as high as 248, but there are also private groups and tours to fill the rest of the space. For the next 45 minutes or so, they checked everyone in.

By 3:00 PM, we were seated to the left of the stage where the musical guest star would perform. We had pretty good seats in the second row of the bleacher section. Two different guys came up to warm up the audience and get everyone excited for the show. Taping starts at 4:00 PM and runs one hour straight through. At 3:45 PM, Jay Leno came out and addressed the audience. Tonight’s guest stars were Bill Maher and Cam Newton with a musical performance by The Duke Spirit and headlines! Bill Maher got a little too racy and a little too political. Not very funny. Overall, the audience didn’t seem to respond too well. At one point Bill and Jay were even making jokes about us being a ‘tough audience’.

During the show, Jay Leno announced that tomorrow’s guest was going to be Seth Roger from the Green Hornet. As fans of some of Seth’s movies, Matt and I thought we would try to get tickets to tomorrow’s show too. Since tickets are free and we would be in town anyway, we figured it would be worth a shot.

After the show, we went to Hollywood Boulevard to pick up some cheap duffel bags. We had seen these bags last time we were in the area, and they seemed perfect to use to check all the extra items we want to bring to Hawaii. Next, we went out to dinner at Raffallo’s Pizza. The food was decent, but the prices were a little above our comfort zone. Tonight, we will find a parking spot along a neighborhood street to rest for the night.


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