Posted by: Cross Country Couple | January 15, 2011

Day 117 … Rattlesnake Canyon

Today is a beautiful day! The sun is out and the temperature is hovering the 55-60 degree mark. Jay, Matt and I decided to go out on a hike to enjoy the sunshine. Jay brought us to a local spot called Rattlesnake Canyon. Here, a small river runs down the mountain. The trail we followed climbed up the mountain. The occasional river crossing and rock hopping kept things extra interesting.

At the top of our trail, we rested on a tree that had fallen across the river. By 4:00 PM, it was time to start our descent. We hopped off the tree and followed the river for a little hoping it would meet up with the original trail. No such luck. Instead, the three of us rock hopped and climbed our way along the river back to the car.

When we were in LA, I requested tickets online for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Tonight, one day before the show, we received a set of tickets via email. We decided it would be worth the hour and a half drive back to LA to go see the show tomorrow. Guest are asked to arrive before 2:45 PM. Since a ticket does not guarantee admittance, we were shooting to be at the studio by 12:30 PM. With a plan set for tomorrow, we went back to Oak Park to head to bed early.


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