Posted by: Cross Country Couple | January 7, 2011

Day 106 … Joshua tree National Park

Last night, we arrived at the park too late to get a campsite. Instead, we parked at a group site and moved the car at dawn before the ranger came by. This morning, our first order of business is to find a campsite to call home for the next few days. Although the park was packed, we eventually found a site and settled in. The weather in the high desert in middle of winter has proven to be quite cold and windy. The temperature is in the teens and twenties, and the wind gusts rob you of any heat instantly. Today, Danielle will hold up in the car under the covers watching movies all day. Matt and Jay are off to rock climb and boulder in the national park. As a late lunch, we cooked up some teriyaki chicken and rice. Once the sun set, the temperature dropped. Without any firewood, we decided to hang out in Jay’s car to escape the wind. Matt and I pulled out the sleeping bags for an extra layer which helped to keep us warm overnight.


A valley of Joshua Trees and some great climbing rock in the background.


Joshua Tree National Forest in California


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