Posted by: Cross Country Couple | December 25, 2010

Day 99 … Flagstaff and Sedona, AZ

The wind has been pretty furious for the past few days and today is no exception. We started the day in Flagstaff at the Sunset Crater National Monument. Erupting sometime between 1040 and 1100, Sunset Crater Volcano is the most recent volcanic activity experienced in Flagstaff in over 6 million years. We started our tour by stopping in at the visitors center and hiking to the top of an adjacent cinder cone known as the Lenox Crater. The hike to the top of the cinder cone was both windy and strenuous. AT the base of the volcano, we walked the Lava Flow trail. Although the features were interesting and the scenery was beautiful, it was hard to enjoy the walk with such powerful cold winds blasting us at all times.

Sunset Crater National Monument, Flagstaff, AZ.

Back on the road, we followed Rt. 179 down the canyon into the valley of Sedona, AZ. This small town is known for its spiritual energy and various vortexes or power spots. Our first stop in town was at a small mexican restaurant where we grabbed a quick lunch. Next, we made our way to Bell Rock, the first of three vortexes we would explore during our time in Sedona. We hiked up and around the huge sandstone formation for hours. Just before sunset it started to rain. We slid back down the mountain and got back in the car. Tonight, we would check out a local casino and watch movies at a nearby rest area before falling asleep.



Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona



  1. Sedona is where Kelly proposed to me…

    • What a beautiful place to get engaged! Good pick Kelly ;D

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