Posted by: Cross Country Couple | December 25, 2010

Day 95 … Aztec Ruins

The Farmington Wal-Mart was only a few minutes from the ruins. Before heading to the park, we stopped in at Dad’s Diner for some breakfast. Being a Saturday morning, the diner was packed. They offered good food at a great price. Feeling rather stuffed, we grabbed our leftovers and hit the road. At the visitors center, the ranger gave us a guide book to navigate our way through the ruins. From the late 1000s to the late 1200s, ancient Puebloans constructed this settlement. We checked out the many small structures, a large building thought to be for public use, and a few ceremonial Kivas.


Next, we decided to head towards the Canyon de Chelly in Arizona. On our way, we stopped at the Flowing Waters Casino. After getting the OK from a man working at the casino, we decided we would sleep here tonight. Unfortunately, the man was mistaken, and security woke us up at 4:00AM to let us know there was no overnight parking. We found another spot a few miles down the road to rest for the remainder of the night. 



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