Posted by: Cross Country Couple | December 7, 2010

Day 81 … Austin, TX

This morning Eric took us to the Austin Diner for breakfast. Yum! Back at the apartment, we spent most of the day hanging around, checking out photos, and watching movies. One of the great attractions in Austin is the Congress Street Bat Colony. For as long as the weather stays warm, the largest urban bat colony in the world nests under the Congress Street Bridge. Each night, the bats swarm out from beneath the bridge in search of food. Tonight, we walked through downtown Austin to wait for the bats to emerge. We were in luck, the bats hadn’t yet begun their migration south to Mexico. What a cool sight! Just after the sun set, thousands of bats piled out from under the bridge. After watching the bats, we went to a few bars in downtown Austin and then back to Eric’s for a great night’s rest. 



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