Posted by: Cross Country Couple | December 4, 2010

Day 78 … Corpus Christi, TX

For breakfast this morning, we drove to a park along the bay where we enjoy some cereal. We are looking to visit our friend, Eric, in Austin this weekend. Seeing as we are only 3 hour from Austin and its only Wednesday, we have some time to kill. Today we will drive along the bay and make our way towards San Antonio. Our next stop along the bay was at a local park where the bike path met up with a fishing pier. After walking the pier, we continued down the road to the marina. We parked along the water and fed the birds bits of bread. Before moving on, we stopped to check out a replica of Christopher Columbus’ Nina. The wooden ship was much smaller than I had expected and really put things in perspective as to how challenging it would have been to cross the Atlantic during the 15th century.


A replica of Christopher Columbus' ship, Nina, at the Corpus Christi Marina.


At this point we had reached the end of the bay road. We hopped on the highway and cross the bridge taking us north along the coast. Unfortunately, as we drove along the highway we started to feel the car bogging down again. The problem was back! A little bit of a bummer, but we can take it back to another Midas in San Antonio tomorrow and things should be covered under warranty. Just over the bridge, we stopped at a park along the highway that hosted an old fishing pier, parking area, and bike path. We took a nice walk along the bike path where we caught a glimpse of some white pelicans. Back in the car, we continued to head north towards San Antonio. In search of relief from the blazing sun beating down on us in the car, we pulled into a picnic area just off the highway where we relaxed and watched a couple episodes of Always Sunny while we waited for the sun to set.

White Pelicans

For dinner, we researched local restaurants to try to find somewhere with authentic mexican food at a good price. Bingo! The Taqueria Guadalajara was amazing! Great authentic mexican food for less than $7 a plate. Matt got two cheese enchilladas, carne guisada, beans, rice, and guacamole while Danielle enjoyed chicken and beef quesadillas with beans, rice, and sour cream. We left feeling super stuffed. Tonight, we will spend the night at a Wal-Mart in San Antonio.



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