Posted by: Cross Country Couple | December 1, 2010

Day 77 … Shaking out the sand and fixing the car

We woke up early covered in sand from head to toe. We spent the morning shaking sand off everything and trying to get it into the car before the wind would blow it down the beach. Frustrated and still covered in sand, we made our way back to the visitors center to shower off.

Before grabbing a late lunch/early dinner, we found a grassy area to pull out the tent, rainfly, and mattress to re-shake and fold them. For dinner, we stopped at Cici’s and filled our bellies with pizza, pasta, and salad. Tonight, we will head to the local Wal-Mart and try to get a good night’s sleep.


Today, we are determined to get the car fixed. Our first stop once we left Padre Island was at the local Midas where we got new spark plugs and wires and a new gasket for the air intake. Next, we were on a wild goose chase looking for a set of used tires. Nearly an hour later we found a place that would sell include the tires, install and balance for $60.



  1. You crack me up! Are you sure you’re not related to the Lancasters of Oklahoma??

  2. You guys be careful! … Sleeping in the walmart parking lot, reminds me of that movie with Natalie Portman. Is the car all set now?

  3. You mean Where the Heart Is? You are too funny! We will be safe. Promise!

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