Posted by: Cross Country Couple | November 28, 2010

Day 72 … Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving.  Matt and I both miss our families, but are very thankful to be out exploring the United States and all it has to offer.  We started the day by enjoying a big breakfast at the local Waffle House.  Back on the road we cruised west along Rt. 30A, a scenic route full of beaches along the Gulf coast.  Our first stop was at the Panama City Pier where we walked along the beach.  Again, the yellow and blue flags were seen waving in the wind.  We continued along Rt. 30A until we reached the Deer Lake State Park.  This park offers a quarter mile long boardwalk to the beach overlooking a natural fresh water dune lake.  Coastal dune lakes are extremely rare.  There are only five places in the world where these exist ( New Zealand, Australia, Madagascar, Northwest Florida and Oregon).  The stroll over the dunes along the boardwalk offered a view of the lake, dunes, and beach.  We also explored the nearby nature trails that wandered through the woods and near the lake before getting back on the road.  Just down the road, we drove to a public beach in the Seaside community.  The wind was gusting hard and the waves were huge.  Matt swam in the waves while Danielle hung out on the beach. 

Danielle walking along the beach in Florida.

We drove to a Wal-Mart in Destin, FL where we picked up a rotisserie chicken and some sides for our Thanksgiving dinner.  As we walked through the store we watched the staff prep for the big black friday sale that would start at midnight.  After dinner, we settled into our bed and watched some Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  Crowds of shoppers soon filled the parking lot as we slept nearby.


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