Posted by: Cross Country Couple | November 28, 2010

Day 71 … St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

Today the plan is to relax on the beach at St. Joseph Peninsula State Park.  Located southeast of Pensacola along the gulf coast, this state park offers miles of white sand and is known for having one of the top rated beaches in America.  As we walked the boardwalk to the beach, we noticed the yellow and blue warning flags waving in the wind.  The yellow flag indicates a moderate surf advisory and the blue flag denotes “dangerous marine life” in the water.  This can include sharks, jellyfish and other animals in the water.  Today it looked like the marine life was probably jellyfish as a few could be seen along the shoreline.  As the day wore on we made a sandcastle, munched on snacks and took a nap.  At one point Matt and I were swimming in the waves when we noticed three huge stingrays swim right by us!  We both got plenty of sun (maybe a little too much), but overall really enjoyed our day at St. Joe’s.


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