Posted by: Cross Country Couple | November 17, 2010

Day 58 … Costa Maya, Mexico

At the ruins, we took a self guided tour to see 3 separate Mayan style ruins, La Plaza, and the Mexican jungle. While walking through the ruins, Matt noticed a monkey up at the top of a tree. We snapped some photos and video of the monkeys swinging from tree to tree before continuing the walk. Back at the entrance to the ruins, we browsed some of the local crafts. By early afternoon, we were back on the van and cruising back to the ship. We were getting pretty hungry at this point and went back on the ship to drop off our day pack and grab some food. We spent the rest of the day in the hot tub, lounging in the room, and a seeing the Second City Comedy Show at the Stardust Theater. 





Matt and Danielle at one of the larger Mayan ruins at Chaccoben in Mexico.

Danielle sitting on the pier in front of our cruise ship, the Norwegian Pearl.


The port and shops at Costa Maya, and a slight glimpse of the cruise ship in the background!

We scheduled a wake up call for 8:00 AM this morning in hopes of getting an early start today. During breakfast, we noticed the weather was rather cloudy and beginning to rain. We decided to stop at the front desk and ask about today’s weather forecast. The women behind the counter read off a piece of paper, “Partly cloudy, high of 80.” “Any chance of rain? Any idea when things will clear up?” I asked. “No, just says partly cloudy, high of 80” replied the women. With no real idea of what to expect of the weather today, we disembarked the ship in Costa Maya, Mexico. It was pouring at this point. We hopped on a small train that drove us down the dock to the shopping area. After walking around the shopping area for a bit, the rain started to let up, and we decided to talk to someone about a trip to the Chaccoben Mayan Ruins. For $15 a piece, we boarded a van and took an hour drive into Mexico. We passed a military checkpoint on the way to the ruins. It was a bit scary as there were soldiers with serious looking guns on either side of the road.

Matt standing on one of the Mayan ruins at Chaccoben in Mexico.



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