Posted by: Cross Country Couple | November 3, 2010

Day 42 … Four Corners and Hovenweep

Last night we drove all the way to the entrance of the Four Corners Monument and spent the night in the car just outside the gates. By 7:30 AM, we were wide awake after a very chilly night. We put the car back together before heading into the park. Only the vendors and construction workers were in the park when we snapped a few photos at the intersection of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico state borders.

Danielle and Matt at the Four Corners Monument.

For breakfast we parked at a nearby picnic area and had some cereal and yogurt. As we ate, two skittish feral dogs sat sunbathing by the car. Soon enough, we were back on the road headed east to Cortez, Co. We stopped for gas, ate some lunch, and research a few local attractions. The Hovenweep National Park offered remnants of Puebloan Indians that lived in the San Juan River area over 700 years ago. We decided to backtrack about an hour or so to see the ruins. When we arrived, we chatted with the Ranger who informed us that due to the recent rain, only two of the sites were accessible. The first site we explored was the Square Tower Group at Little River Canyon just behind the visitors center. Here, we took a few mile hike around the rim and down through the canyon as we checked out 11 different ruin sites.


Matt and Danielle at Hovenweep National Monument in Colorado.

 Back in the car, we drove down the road to the Cajon Unit where the Paleo-Indians established subterranean pithouses from 450 – 700 A.D. We snapped a few photos and continued our journey westward back through Cortez.  We drove 15 miles up to the plateaus of Mesa Verde just as the sun was setting.  Although the park is open 24 hours, many roads were closed for the season and the ruin tours were closed for the day.  Nevertheless, we snapped a photo of one of the cliff dwelings and the beautiful sunset.   At this point we were heading for Divide, CO where Matt’s friend Ben lives.

Danielle and Matt at Mesa Verde National Park in front of one of the cliff dwelings.

Sunset over Mesa Verde National Park.

The Tower at Hovenweep National Monument.


Kryptobiotic Soil Matt and Danielle jumping around at the Cajon Ruins at Hovenweep National Monument.



  1. Sounds like you guys are having way too much fun!

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