Posted by: Cross Country Couple | October 24, 2010

Day 39 … Island in the Sky and Arches National Park

We had not been to grocery store since Las Vegas and found ourselves running low on food today. Nevertheless we hit the road for Canyonlands National Park’s Island in the Sky district. Canyonlands NP is divided up into four sections by the Virgin and Colorado Rivers. The Maze is primarily a backpacking area as it is secluded far off from any civilization down a windy dirt road. The Needles offers great hiking through the colorful spires and arches of the canyon. The Horseshoe Canyon unit is a more recent addition to the national park offering pictograph from years past. Island in the Sky sits atop the canyon and allows guest to drive to outstanding viewpoints as well as off road through this section of the park. For breakfast, we snacked on some tomato, avacado, cheese and crackers as we toured the park.As the day past, we moved on to Arches National Park just a few miles down the road. We took the main road into Devil’s Garden stopping to check out Balanced Rock, the Windows Section, and a few arches along the way. Our nature walk was at the Windows Section. We hiked a to Turret Arch where we could climb in and around the arch and then to the North and South Arch viewpoint. Just as we started the walk, it started to rain. Luckily, the rain subsided by the time we finished the hike. Next, we were off the Devils Garden where we would hike to the Skyline Arch and the Sand Dune Arch. Hoping to catch a sunset over the Delicate Arch, we hit the road and pulled into the parking area just before 6PM. With a 1.5 mile hike up the sandstone and the sun fading fast, we started the trip to the Delicate Arch. Unfortunately, the clouds rolled in faster than we could hike, and the sky wasn’t as colorful as we were hoping. Off in the distance a large thunderstorm was brewing. We were able to catch a few photos of the lightning in the distance before starting our way back to the car. We would make our way to Moab before calling it a day.






  1. You are truly a wonder of the world seeing the wonders of the world.

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