Posted by: Cross Country Couple | October 24, 2010

Day 31 … Vegas Baby!


Today we are going to head further down the strip to check out the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop featured on the History Channel’s Pawn Stars. When we pulled up we spotted a line out the door. Half expecting to catch a glimpse of one of the reality show’s stars, we waited in line for about 15 minutes to tour the shop. Back in the car, we made our way to Taco Mexico for some great, inexpensive food. On the way back to the strip, we stopped at the store and picked up some drinks for the night.

We parked the car at Caesar’s Palace for the night. Being a Friday night, the strip was packed with all kinds of characters from living statues to men dressed like showgirls. Tonight, we started back up at Planet Hollywood and made our way towards New York New York and the MGM Grand. We followed the late night crowd to the food court before calling it a night and heading back to the car. Little did we know, the way back would be a long and tedious journey due to construction. We ended up maneuvering our way through the Bellagio for what seemed like over an hour. Luckily, with the bed still set up from the night before, we had it easy when it came to resting our heads.



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