Posted by: Cross Country Couple | September 19, 2010

Day 2 … Visiting Friends and Family in ME

Last night we met up with Matt’s college friends, Tucker and Jason.  The four of us went out to dinner at Buck’s Naked BBQ.  After dinner, Matt and I got a restful nights sleep at Tucker and Jill’s house.  This afternoon, we made our way to Harpswell, ME to visit Chris, another one of Matt’s college friends, at his VW workshop. 

By 4:30, we made it to Pittston, ME to meet up with the Libby Family.  As a slightly belated birthday gift, Matt and I got the boys a Pirate Play Tent that they seemed to really enjoy.  For dinner, the six of us went out for chinese food.  We then packed up the car, and made our way north where we would spend the night at the Wal-Mart in Skowhegan.

Jonah and Matt playing in the Pirate Tent

Captain Owen, Jonah and Matt in the Pirate Play Tent



  1. Owen reminds me of Matt when Matt was a baby!! Same face!!!

  2. We loved visiting with you guys; the boys are still in love with the tent, and we miss you already. Happy trails!

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