Posted by: Cross Country Couple | August 13, 2008

Day 5 … Keep on Truckin’

The Garmin took us along a very mountainous route by a scenic highway.  This would have been perfect, but it was well after midnight and we had to drive over 150 miles at about 35 MPH to ensure we wouldn’t go off the road or hit a wild animal.  We fell asleep at a rest stop from about 3:00 AM to 6:30 AM before hitting the road for Yellowstone yet again. 

Danielle and Matt at the East Entrance to Yellowstone National Park, WY.

Danielle and Matt at the East Entrance to Yellowstone National Park, WY.


 We drove right though Cody, the Rodeo Capital of the World.  This is also the town where Buffalo Bill Cody made a name for himself.  We arrived at the East Yellowstone Gates about 9:45 AM.  The National Park Pass saved us a $25 entrance fee and we were there!  Immediately after entering the park, we saw a group of cars stopped and looked over just in time to catch a glimpse of a young Moose on the side of the road.  We drove directly to Bridge Bay, the closest campground to the East Entrance in hopes of getting a great camp site.  When we arrived we were shocked to learn that the camp site fee was $19.60 for one night, without showers (showers were and additional $3.25 per person down the road- which we did not take advantage of).  We reluctantly paid hoping that we would have a great campsite, but much to our dismay the site was terrible.  The original campsite was in an open meadow with no privacy and the bathrooms right in our backyard.  We return to the check-in cabin and got reassigned a new spot.  The second campsite was near perfect with the exception of the size of the tent platform (about 2’ too short on each side).


Matt and Danielle in front of a giant heard of Buffalo in Yellowstone.
Matt and Danielle in front of a giant heard of Buffalo in Yellowstone.

After making some delicious dip from rice, beans, corn, and salsa we hit the road to explore Yellowstone.  As we traveled from Bridge Bay campground to Norris we made sure to look around for animals.  We stopped at a few spots and checked many cauldrons, hot springs, and steam vents.  We made a point to drive through Hayden Park to check out large animals.  We saw many bison and even had the chance to get some up close pictures. 





Lower Falls lookout point, Yellowstone, WY.

Lower Falls lookout point, Yellowstone, WY.

We continued to Norris via the Upper and Lower Falls and Artist’s Point.  We decided to visit Ice Lake hoping to take a swim.  Getting to Ice Lake was a hike through a forest that had burned a few years prior.  However, when we got to the lake we couldn’t find any area to go swimming.  In Norris we checked out the Norris Geyser Basin.  We were able to see some of the most beautiful springs and geysers.  In hopes of making it to Yellowstone Lake for sunset, we began our drive back to Bridge Bay.  We would have caught a great sunset but got held up by a huge group of bison crossing the road in front of us at Hayden Park.

  (Check out the for a video of the


We stopped at Fishing Bridge to grab a few photos of a late sunset.  We finally made it back to the camp site.  Matt made a fire and burned a couple logs that he carried back from our hike to Ice Lake.  We were both very tired.  We put the fire out and went to bed.


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