Posted by: Cross Country Couple | August 13, 2008

Day 3 … Chicago, IL to Mitchell, SD

Although the traffic in Chicago was horrendous, the Deep Dish Pizza was delicious!  We got a Canadian bacon and cheese “Stuffed Pizza” which seemed more like a pie and lasted us through three meals. 


Delicious Canadian Bacon Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

Delicious Canadian Bacon Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza


We took a break at a rest stop by the WI border to sleep.  For breakfast, Matt and I ate some deep dish, and then we hit the road.  Using the wireless internet and the Garmin, we located a small Amish Cheese Shop to stop at to pick up some famous Wisconsin Cheese.  The cheese we bought was a pound of Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese that had been aged for 8 years- we’ll let you know how it is when we crack into it!  

Matt and Danielle hanging out on the Mississippi River in MN.

Matt and Danielle hanging out on the Mississippi River in MN.



Not far after the cheese shop, we crossed the WI/MN border.  Immediately over the border, we found a nice rest area with access to the Mississippi River where we got some pictures, dipped our toes in the water (we would have gone swimming, but the water was so full of algae it looked green!), and admired the view.  At the Visitor’s Center, the guide told us about the town of Austin and their famous Spam Museum.  Using the information booklets we picked up we found a nice 27 Hole Disc Golf course in Austin and decided that we would check out the Spam Museum too.  We couldn’t help laughing about the fact that we were actually at a Spam Museum, and at one point, we were even watching a 15 minute “video” (commercial) about the Crazy Tasty Canned Meat.  The Disc Golf course was a bit harder to find than we had originally anticipated, but the hour walk through Todd Park by the stream was a nice break (but hot!).  Back on the road, we saw fields of wind turbines and a great sunset before making it into SD. 


Yes we really did go to the SPAM Museum (Austin, MN).

Yes we really did go to the SPAM Museum (Austin, MN).



Just across the border in SD we saw our first heard of Bison (Buffalo!).  We stopped at a small shop and picked up some Buffalo Jerky.  The owner of the store reminded us that the Sturgis Bike Rally was going on this weekend at Mt. Rushmore and finding a camping spot might be tough.  We decided to stop at Lake Mitchell Campground, about 250 miles from Mt. Rushmore, in hopes of getting a good night’s sleep before exploring South Dakota’s National Monument.  Luck was in our favor.  When we arrived at the campground, the offices were closed, so we set up camp and would pay for the site in the morning.  However, that morning the office was still closed, so we got hot showers and a great camping spot for free!


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